Emma inspiring other at Cardiff Half Marathon

Arriving early to church on Sunday morning to beat the city centre traffic many of us went outside to watch the runners as they passed our church. We cheered and clapped the elite runners and then looked out for faces in the crowd that we recognised and clapped others dresses in all sort of costumes and raising funds for all sorts of good causes. We then returned to preparing for the crowd that would soon gather for our church service. Some 15 minutes after most of the runners were passed we were encouraged to go back on to the streets as someone had spotted a participant who despite us being close to the start line of the race was already a very long distance behind even the slowest of runners.

The person that we saw, walking with the aid of two sticks, making her way slowly but determinedly along was someone who we later found out had spent much of her life in a wheelchair.

Emma Louise Sorano, from Cardiff Bay, has cerebral palsy but she has never let her condition stop her from making the most out of life.

Emma eventually walked two miles of Sunday's event and used her wheelchair to get close to the finish line.
But she made sure that she would cross the line without her wheelchair.

She was quoted as saying.
"I am absolutely delighted with my progress," she said during the event.
"Over the last couple of months I've continuously pushed beyond what I ever thought I could do.
"Whatever I get to complete today in aid of Martha’s Dancing Heart will make my heart absolutely sing."

She walked the final stretch to the finish line to cheers and applause.
People shouted "go on Em!" and "you're amazing" as she crossed the finish line.

Many of us for whole host of reasons were not part of the race not least because we thought to ourselves "I can't do it!" Emma on the other hand did do it and as a result taught those of us who were watching her that morning an important lesson is what someone can do when they have the determination to do it.

To support Emma, see www.justgiving.com/fundraising/aspireremielou

written by Steve Harris - Net Cardiff Coordinator

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