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Here are videos we have produced as part of The Net Cardiff project as part of our "My Stories" initiative.      

My Story - Avisha - A New Family

Avisha was brought up in a predominately Muslim country but despite looking successful in many areas of her life she was searching for peace. A freindship led to a series of events that meant that her life would change for…

My Story - Will - A Prodigal Returns

Will was brought up in Christian family with the Bible at the foundation of his life but as a teenager those foundations seemed to crumble and drugs and a totally different life style took centre stage but could the prodigal…

My Story - Declan - A Life Transformed

Declan was brought up by nuns in an orphanage in Northern Ireland at the heart of the troubles. His life could have turned in many directions but as we see in this video his life as a orphan was to…

My Story - Cheryl

Cheryl was surrounded by friends and family but one Easter realised that what she was really looking for could only be found in Jesus. Published on 12 Apr 2014

My Story - Janice

Janice turned to drink for solace but when she couldn't find it she decided to end her life but Jesus had other ideas!   Published on 12 Apr 2014  

My Story - Fai

Fai's life in Hong Kong revolved around drugs and pursuit of money. After moving to Cardiff a camping holiday was to lead to a major change of direction. Published on 12 Apr 2014

My Story - Gemma

Gemma who reached out to her natural father only to feel rejected but reached out to her Heavenly Father and found true acceptance. Published on 12 Apr 2014

My Story - Sue

Sue a wife, mother and employee with a church background but who through friends who showed real kindness found out what a personal faith really was. Published on 12 Apr 2014

My Story - Martyn

Martyn once know as the "beer monster" had an encounter that was change his life and now he is Street Pastor. Published on 12 Apr 2014

My Story - Neil

Neil, a change is circumstance was to lead Neil on a downward spiral of depression but an Alpha course was to take him in a new direction. Published on 12 Apr 2014