Ugly Duckling Company

This is a four week course to be run in January. A couple of Christian leaders came up with the idea and asked us to produce the resource. The course is for those who visit our churches over Christmas and then go on to make new year resolutions. We trialled the course with 50+ churches this January.
The Happiness Lab
This is a six week pre-pre-pre alpha/christianity explored course. It is something that can be run at the local doctor’s surgery, for those starting university, as part of a CPD programme at a local school for the teachers there or for local businesses. A local church in Nottinghamshire ran a lent course entitled “Give up moaning for lent” - this received local media interest and provoked members of the parish ringing the vicar to sign up.
Table Talk for 3rd Agers and Table Talk for 4th Agers.
If anyone needs further information then do let me know.
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