Help me find a Church in Wales

Evangelical Alliance has a connection with hundreds of churches across Wales.

How do you choose a church?

Looking for a church can be a bit like choosing a meal from KFC. Most KFC meals contain chicken but they come in various flavours and a whole range of things you can have with it! Sadly some meals can also contain additives that the "Chef" never intended to be part of the menu!

Church can be a bit like that. One of the key things is to make sure Jesus, and the teaching about him found in the Bible, are at the Centre of whatever church you visit, some of the other stuff - like music and service style - is about what you like and what is to your taste. What is also important is how you can be a part of the overall flavour so that others are attracted to Jesus too. Just make sure whatever church you visit has the correct central "ingredient." If you need a bit of help get in contact

(For the theologians amongst you, we know the analogy is not perfect so please don't throw your Bargain Bucket at us - it is a just a way helping people who don't know what church is like to get a flavour of what we are talking about!)

The list below represents churches of many different sizes and styles.

   Some are very traditional in their music or preaching style, others are very contemporary. 

   Some have large congregations of many hundreds attending their main Sunday services, and others are much smaller. 

   Some attract people from all over the city to their services and some have a very local focus. 

Over time we hope to add more information to this section so don't forget to revisit us soon. If you are looking for a church to attend then feel free to contact The Net Wales and we will try and help you find a church that will suit you and your needs.

Also you can visit the website of Evangelical Alliance search for churches in your area that may be able to help you on your journey.