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Let’s Do Something DIFFerent - Helping Homeless in Cardiff

A conference bringing together organisations and individuals keen to help the homeless in Cardiff was held at City Hall yesterday with the aim of channelling support to some of the most vulnerable citizens in a more focused way.

The event provided those passionate about tackling the issue in the city with the opportunity to consider more collaborative and creative ways of focusing their efforts and resources to help.

The conference was a chance for businesses, organisations, individuals and churches to learn more about the incredibly complex challenge and understand some of the factors that either cause homelessness or reinforce the problem, and identify gaps in support.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: "With rising numbers of people sleeping on the city's streets, tackling homelessness and rough sleeping is a priority for the Council.

"There is a huge amount of goodwill and kindness amongst organisations and volunteer groups that want to make a difference and we want to make sure we are harnessing their passion and working together to achieve the best outcomes for the vulnerable people we are all seeking to help.

"It was wonderful to see so many people who are enthusiastic about making a difference to the homeless at the conference.

"We all need to understand that this is such a complex issue - much more than providing a roof over someone's head. There is a wide range of accommodation provision in the city but without addressing the other issues that go hand in hand with homelessness, we will not properly tackle the issue.

"The event was an opportunity to discuss what we can do better together. There is already so much inspirational work being done and we are so grateful to all those who give their time, efforts and support."

To celebrate a commitment to working together, consultation on a Homeless Charter was started at the event to discuss how businesses, organisations and individuals can help tackle homelessness in the city in a number of ways.

Delegates at the event also heard from a former rough sleeper about his experiences of life on the streets and how he began to rebuild his life, as well as presentations on a number of schemes, including the Boss Project at The Wallich and the Give DIFFerently campaign, an alternative way for people to donate money to help individuals move away from homelessness

Join a Global Wave of Prayer - Thy Kingdom Come

Naomi Osinnowo is editorial content manager at the Evangelical Alliance.

In less than two months, Christians across the world will be of one intentional voice, praying that people will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This global wave of prayer, known as Thy Kingdom Come, was started by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016, and has seen individuals and churches around the world petitioning God for the salvation of their friends, families and neighbours. Justin Welby and John Sentamu are urging you to get involved this year, from 10-20 May, marking the season between the Ascension and Pentecost.

An initiative of this sort could not be more timely. Our Talking Jesus research, commissioned jointly by the Evangelical Alliance, the Church of England, and HOPE, revealed that Christians have a real opportunity to be a witness to the people they know. The survey of more than 2,500 adults in England found that 67 per cent of the non-Christians polled know a practicing Christian, and 40 per cent of that group said that person is likely to be a friend. These statistics indicate that openings can arise for Christians to share the gospel with their friends. Christians can, therefore, make the most of Thy Kingdom Come by praying for favourable opportunities to talk about Jesus with their friends.

A range of new resources has been produced by the Church of England to facilitate churches, individuals, families and young people during the 10 days of prayer. The resources include a selection of useful tips which is available for churches that would like to organise prayer walks or set up prayer stations. Churches can also benefit from the Church of England's campaign-specific templates and logos for social media. Families and young people, meanwhile, have access to a booklet of ideas on how to make prayer fun and engaging, as well as a gamut of other useful tools. Visit Thy Kingdom Come to view all the resources. Many are free of charge.

The Miracle that is Israel by Phil Davies

When Israel became a nation state on 14th May 1948, it really was a case of the impossible becoming reality. It was also the cornerstone prophetic event of human history, and had been foretold over and over by the Old Testament prophets. The Jews are the only ancient people group to survive to modern times. Yet paradoxically, they are the most persecuted people in history. Despite the murderous threats of their enemies, Israel continues to thrive.  Is God involved and is their story really a miracle?  It's time to explore the evidence, and to decide for yourself... 

About the Author: Phil Davies hails from the Rhondda Valleys of Wales.  He is a law graduate and lifelong student of military history. It was studying the Six Day War that led to his fascination with the miracle that is Israel. A prolific writer and gifted conference and after-dinner speaker, he is also the Founder & Chairman of the charity, Sporting Marvels - www.sportingmarvels.com


Great Commission Website Celebrates Women

The Great Commission Website has been Celebrating Women throughout the UK Church
who are making Jesus known, and encouraging others that they can do the same!

In case you missed any of it, here some of our inspiring women of faith...

Lucy's story // Finding support as a carer through Jesus and church
Usha's story // Sharing faith as a Jesus-follower and an Asian woman Sarah's story // Women as powerful reconcilers and witnesses to Jesus
Watch Watch Watch
Unexpected detours
 Beth Powney
This isn't how God made it // Nell Goddard
Bring Jesus to work day // Abi Jarvis
Read Read Read


Take me to the full #InspiringWomen series



Teachers Aid - helping orphans and vulnerable children gain access to free local schooling

Teacher Aid is a charity of 5 volunteers with a pledge to help orphans and vulnerable children gain access to free local schooling. 

This Cardiff based Charity works to help provide education in Zambia, one of the poorest countries in the world, where many people do not know how Aids is contracted and the standard of education is very poor. There are insufficient state schools. Teachers usually have huge numbers of pupils, teach in shifts and they are underpaid.The Government does NOT pay for Teacher training.

As Teachers Aid says "We know we cannot change all of Africa, but believe the 900 children already being given a chance by us to be literate, numerate, learn health care, learn about business and the wider world is of great benefit. At least some of them could help their own country become more prosperous. The teachers we support look upon teaching as a dedication and are wonderful individuals."

It is thier belief that the private sector has a role to play in the education of poor children. The economy is denied valuable human resources, children's potential is wasted and their lives are committed to poverty and inertia. We would hope that at least some of the children we help to educate, who have a nutritious meal a day and fun while they are learning, will one day be able to contribute to the development of their own beautiful country; a country with huge potential, natural resources, plenty of water, great game parks and patient, smiling people.

Teacher Aid provide funding for buildings, essential equipment, food and teachers. Please help us to help these disadvantaged children.

Every penny raised will be for them only as the local Trustees bear all thier own costs!

If you want to find out more about this Cardiff Based Charity Click here 


The National Weekend of Invitation

One weekend. Multitudes of personal invitations to those outside our churches. All with a simple request to please ‘Be our guest’.

Offering a welcome to those who may just have been waiting to be invited.

Simple? Yes. And it is something every church can be part of.

But not ‘easy’. First we must face the fear that holds us back. And that’s part of the plan.

Beyond the walls of our churches are almost 3 million people who are open to being invited. Yet this is not happening – making it the greatest missed opportunity for churches.

To put it simply

Vast numbers would accept an invitation. But those who could invite are bottling it.

Waiting are many people ready to say ‘yes’– to an invitation to church or a suitable event. Or who deserve to be invited even if not yet ready to accept. However, when it comes to inviting, the barrier is fear.

That’s because what’s needed is a new mind-set regarding how we measure ‘success’ and how we trust God to be God for us.

This is the reason for The National Weekend of Invitation. It exists

  • To equip churches seize the opportunity to invite
  • To offer a united focus for churches to invite
  • To see church members grow in faith

Check out details for the National Weekend fo Invitation Friday 15th to Sunday 17th June



The woman with a fresh hope for Wales

Marilyn Harry has been an evangelist with Elim Pentecostal Church since 1982. The daughter of a coal miner from Rhondda Valley, she came to Christ at the age of 19 and worked as a nurse and midwife until 1980 when she went to bible school. She travels abroad regularly to teach, and sees 'signs and wonders' such as healing. She tells idea magazine about her passion for the gospel and her hope for the Church.

How did your ministry as an evangelist begin?
There was a position in Merseyside as an assistant and I helped to pioneer a new church in the Docks. Because it was such a long time ago, 36 years ago, it was unusual for a lady to be doing what I was doing. From the day I was saved I wanted to tell people about Jesus. 

How have you reached people with the gospel?
Early on I had a vision, which is very rare for me. There was a big tent, and I knew I would see 500 people in that tent. Within two months the Lord gave me a 500 seater tent. The first time we used it, 12 churches came together for an event, and on our first night 46 people decided for Jesus.

I still do tent missions. I also lead a ministry called 'Love Wales', which is part of Elim but interdenominational. Our goal is the re-evangelisation of Wales within a 10 year period by working together across denominations to lift up Jesus Christ our Saviour.

It sounds like you put on traditional 'tent revivals'?
No… Wales is the land of villages, so we would go into a village that would maybe have a small population, maybe 500 houses, like the village of my birth. We would take a marquee. We would visit the homes and invite them to come. There is a lot of poverty in Wales, so we would do acts of kindness - put on BBQs, face painting, bouncy castles. Through the love of Jesus we would share the gospel message.

The church has become better at doing social action, but we mustn't forget we need to tell the message of Jesus. So we train the local churches how to share their faith in a non-confrontational manner, so everyone can share the message one-to-one. 

At the end of the mission, you see the church encouraged that they have the confidence to reach out with the gospel. 

What was it like being a female evangelist in the early 1980s?
It was unusual. Occasionally people told me I was in sin, because I was a woman I shouldn't be doing what I was doing, but that was rare. I've been very blessed and very encouraged over the years. I speak to everyone, men, women, boys and girls - everybody.

There are many more ladies now evangelising, which is wonderful. 

How do people respond to the gospel?
People are much more open than we think. I think young people are very open, and children. I think the poor are very open. Recently I was in London speaking in Harrow, and 70 people decided for Jesus. Many people were baptised in the Holy spirit. One Turkish lady was wonderfully healed. She'd had a car accident and she couldn't move her arm and head very well.  

She was prayed for one night and didn't seem very different, but the next day she came and told us she was healed. It's only the Lord isn't it? I can't do much at all, it's only the Lord's grace and mercy. 

What have been some of the highlights of your work?
One highlight was the incredible move of God in Long Eaton in 1998. We brought the 500-seater tent for one week, and the Holy Spirit fell for 16 weeks. In total 1600 people responded to the gospel, and there were many signs and wonders. Still today I meet people and they say, 'I came to Long Eaton and God touched me there'.

What have you seen change over the years?
I think Britain has become much more secular, but I do think people are still very open to the gospel. The Church is beginning to wake up and realise we need to share the gospel in the community. And I think that is very encouraging.

I think the Church is coming back to its place of prayer. I think the Church is coming on. Some are coming on more than others, but there are lots of people who love Jesus in our country.

1. Love Jesus with all your heart.
2. Learn how to give your own personal testimony in a couple
of minutes without using churchy language.
3. Pray with all your heart.
4. Ask Jesus to give you appointments to share your faith.
5. Carry some good quality Christian material with you.
6. When you pray to lead people to Jesus, see if you can have them discipled too.

Taken from Evangelical Alliance Website 

"can’t afford to heat the house and pay for food"

‘It breaks my heart to see my grandchildren needing to wear their coats in the house.  My son is a single dad and can’t afford to heat the house and pay for food, so he has to make a choice. They often round come to me to get warm, but my cupboards are bare too’

This is a quote from a grandmother who rang Cardiff Foodbank in tears this week, asking if we could help.

Many people struggle with the balance between heating and eating, and during the colder periods of the winter it is even more apparent. As Cardiff Foodbanks website says: 

"We don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why we provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to us in crisis. We are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK."

As Universal Credit rolls out to families in Cardiff this month, we are expecting many more families to need support from the Foodbank. Please click on the link for more information on Universal Credit.

Please could we ask for your continued help and support with food and finance as we reach out to people in crisis in our city.

Jesus said: ‘I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink….whatever you do for the least of these children of mine you do for me’

You can donate through Local Giving:

To help support Cardiff foodbank visit localgiving-cardifffoodbank and if you are in other areas across Wales you can find out about your local foodbank by visiting Find A Foodbank

Thank you so much.

Billy Graham links with Wales remembered

Taken from an article written by  
You may not realise but the famous evangelist Billy Graham who died Wednesday 21st Feburary 2018 had visited Wales in the early days of his ministry.
He came to Gorseinon near Llanelli in 1946. This was to be his first visit to Wales, and a sought after opportunity for him to visit one of the places where the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 had broken out. Gorseinon was very close to Moriah Chapel in Loughor where Evan Roberts had been a member, and where the Spirit had fallen on a youth meeting in which the young Welsh revivalist was ministering forty-two years before, in November 1904.

Caersalem Free Evangelical Church, Gorseinon was led by David Ebenezer who was the President of Youth For Christ in Wales an organisation that Billy Graham was then working with. Ebenezer had himself been one of the early converts in Gorseinon in the 1904-5 Revival. He was strongly committed to evangelistic outreach, and had invited David Shepherd, then an evangelist with the National Young Life Campaign, to conduct a series of outreach meetings at Caersalem. Billy Graham was thus booked to speak in the final meetings of the campaign in which David Shepherd was the principal speaker.

Billy’s own account of the visit to Gorseinon in his autobiography states with good-humour: 

‘In the early part of the tour, we spent a weekend in Wales in the home of a non-Christian couple who gave us the best they had, which wasn’t much on the couple’s meagre income of £3 or £4 per week. That visit gave us a real appreciation for the hardship they endured. For breakfast we had heated tomato, along with a hot drink that was more chicory than coffee. Later in the day, we had some chicken soup, (though I’m not sure a chicken had ever passed through it), along with some bread. George Wilson was with us to handle the arrangements and finances for YFC, and he and I had a single bed to sleep in. So we took turns: half-way through the night, we exchanged places, the one who had been sleeping on the floor moving up to the bed. It was very cold, especially for the one on the floor, for there was no heat whatsoever.’

Probably as a result of that experience, in spite of being on a very tight budget, the team subsequently stayed in cheap hotels on their travels. At least, that’s what they did when they arrived in Pontypridd a few days later.

Billy and the team were at Caersalem Gorseinon, on Monday October 14 and because the crowds were so large the meetings moved to Zion Baptist Church, Gorseinon, the next day. 

Geraint Fielder

Welsh writer Geraint Fielder,  who attended the meetings in Gorseinon at which Billy Graham spoke. In fact, it was then that he got saved, wrote:  ‘At that time I was eleven and had started my second year in Grammar School. My first recollection of the events was Cliff Barrows, the sunny song leader, going down the High Street to Zion Chapel, playing a trombone and crowds of people building up. I had a seat with my father in the front centre of the gallery. We must have gone quite early. There was a huge congregation, some sitting on benches down both aisles, even up the pulpit steps.’

 Fielder’s account later continued: Billy preached on 'you are weighed in the balances (scales) and found wanting', a text from the dramatic account of Belshazzar's feast in the prophecy of Daniel. I was convicted by the picture he drew of the contrast between God's perfection on one side of the scales and how my sinful life would never satisfy his standard - the scales were weighed against me. The preacher's presentation of Christ as the substitute for sinners who stepped in on the sinner's side to even out the scales I saw as my only hope.’
‘There was a fairly long appeal at the end and many people, perhaps dozens, went down and were led into a back room. Sitting where I was, I had a good view of all this and I was battling inside and felt I ought to have gone to the front but sat rooted. Eventually my Dad turned to me and asked if I wanted to go down. I said yes and after everyone else had gone into the church hall I went down, followed by a younger friend sitting near me. It was not easy to get past the benches because I had delayed, so I remember feeling very 'obvious'. 
When I got to the vestry door it was shut. I had the chilling thought: 'I'm too late'. The parable of the five foolish virgins flooded into my mind. (I had had a good Sunday school grounding.) But, to my relief, the door was opened, by Billy himself and it seemed as if God was reassuring me about his mercy. I glanced to the right: Cliff Barrows was dealing with a crowd in the church hall. But Billy retained us with him in the vestry, along with my friend who, I was shocked to see, was grinning. But I meant business and Billy said to me afterwards: 'You're going on with the Lord, sonny, aren't you?'

After the meetings in Gorseinon, Graham the team travelled to Pontypridd, where Graham had arranged to meet Stephen Olford. Here the team were booked to stay in a small stone-built hotel, which I have not been able to identify. It was in a room here that Billy Graham and Stephen Olford talked and prayed together for two days before the evening evangelistic meetings at Penuel Presbyterian Chapel in the centre of the town. During this time Olford records that Billy Graham had a significant encounter with God's Holy Spirit

When they met in Pontypridd, Graham’s first remark to Olford was. ‘This is serious business. I have to learn what this is that the Lord has been teaching you.’ According to Olford’s account, they spent the first day ‘on the Word and on what it really means to expose oneself to the Word in the quiet time.’ They spent hours looking at passages and meditating together upon them, applying them to their own lives. 

They also prayed together. Bill prayed: ‘Lord, I don't want to go on without knowing this anointing You've given my brother.’ During this time Olford records that Billy Graham had a significant encounter with God's Holy Spirit.

Penuel, Pontypridd

After the first day the two of them spent together in the Bible, Billy preached to a small crowd at Penuel. According to Olford, Billy’s preaching was ‘ordinary,’ and ‘not the Welsh kind of preaching.’ At then end of the sermon, Billy gave an invitation, but the response was not particularly great.

 Tabernacle, Pontypridd A few evening later Graham was due to speak at a large Baptist chapel nearby. It was probably Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Chapel. Olford wrote: ‘When he rose to preach, he was a man absolutely anointed.’ His impact on the Welsh congregation was startling.  The people came to the front even before Billy had given an invitation. Later when an invitation was given, Olford wrote: ‘The Welsh listeners jammed the aisles. There was chaos. Practically the entire audience came rushing forward.’

Olford wrote about the transformation of Billy Graham thus: ‘Billy had been trying up till then to preach to the Welsh people. His sermons didn’t last for more than fifteen or twenty minutes. The biblically literate Welshmen would say: “That’s a good introduction, but let’s hear the sermon, man.”’

‘That night, however, it was different. It seemed as though God had brought people from everywhere. The church was packed. Billy preached on Belshazzar, and before he was anywhere near the end of the sermon, people were pouring out of the pews, kneeling, broken at the altar.’

Olford drove back to his parents' home in Newport after the meeting had finished. He was greatly impressed and impacted by the transformation that had come over Billy Graham. He later wrote: ‘When I came in the door, my father looked at my face and asked, “What on earth has happened?”’

 Olford continued: ‘I sat down at the kitchen table said, “Dad, something has happened to Billy Graham. The world is going to hear from his man. He is going to make his mark in history.”’  

The week after the mission to Pontypridd, a newspaper article appeared in the local newspaper, the Pontypridd Observer. 

Youth For Christ

American Evangelists’ Campaign

Crowds of people (a large proportion of whom were young men and women) from Pontypridd and surrounding districts filled Penuel Chapel last week, when services were conducted there by America’s No. 1 Youth For Christ team.

Throughout the services there was a noticeable spirit of enthusiasm and good humour, and it was refreshing to hear this sincere team of workers, who revealed that they understand the problems of the ‘teen-agers’.

He team consists of Billy Graham (evangelist), Statton Shufelt (soloist), Cliff Barrows (song leader), Mrs. B. Barrows (pianist), and George Wilson (youth director).
Interviewed later, Mr Graham, who is the vice-president of the movement in America, said that a million young people in America attended Youth For Christ rallies on Saturday evenings.

He added that the team had conducted goodwill missions in Europe for the US Government and had been entertained in the White House at Washington. The work of the movement extended to India and China, and when a rally was held in Oslo, over 22,000 people attended.

Singing Admired

We think that your singing is the very best we have heard,’ he said, ‘and we admire your people tremendously for going through economic want in order that Great Britain might regain her place in the world. We like Wales, too, and we believe that there is need for a special revival and think that revival is on the way.’

The services were opened in prayer on Wednesday by the vicar of Pontypridd, Rev. G Shilton Evans, and on Thursday by the Rev Ken Matthews, minister of Elim, Coedpenmaen.

To read more visit 

Mission to Wales continues to take to the streets in 2018


Throughout all of 2018 Churches connected with New Wine Cymru will be engaging in mission all across Wales.

During 2017

In 2017 the Mission to Wales initiative saw 4003 people pray a prayer to start a journey of faith with Jesus on the streets of Wales. In 17 locations over 120 churches joined together in simultaneous mission across the nation of Wales. Many thousands of people were talked to, heard the gospel, were prayed for, and in addition, there on the streets, 4003 prayed a salvation prayer. This is a great start!

In May 2017, a pilot mission was done in one location, before the main mission went across the nation; Over 6 days (6 hours) 374 people responded to the message of Jesus which was a great encouragement.

In July 2017, the main 9 day mission was done in the 17 locations across the nation; Over 9 hours 3351 people responded to the message of Jesus which is such great news!

Then in September & December, throughout the months, various hubs and churches engaged in Mission in a rhythm that suited them.

Again many people responded to the Gospel on the streets

To date we have recorded then that 4003 people have responded to the Gospel on the streets of Wales. This is astonishing

March 2018

In March NWC are launching the first of 3 Mission months for Wales, as well as the combined Mission days in June 2018

They are encouraging churches to get involved and use it to invite as many people to great opportunities during the month. Mothers day on the 11th and Easter at the very end of the month.

This works in tandem with other Follow up and dsicplsehip methods, like a one – one coffee and Alpha.

In this way, they are hoping to improve the connection between the street encounter and the transition to discipleship.

They are very excited about continuing the Mission to Wales through 2018 and they are excited to see all that God will do again in our nation

If your church would like to get involved in Mission to Wales 2018 please visit www.newwinecymru.co.uk for more information.


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