Mess || Christmas Spoken Word by Dai Woolridge

Dia Woolridge has for a number of years now created great resources for Christmas and this year is no exception....

Mess. It’s just one word. One syllable that brings to mind a whole load of images….messy ones! And at Christmas time, this one messy syllable word seems to shift into top gear! I think of the post-Christmas dinner-plate pile-up in the kitchen and the décor of celebration wrappers between the sofas (the Malteaser ones!) It’s fair to say there was a fair bit of mess at the very first Christmas too. As Mary and Joseph trekked down to Bethlehem for a census, there was no room for them to stay. So the young couple welcomed Jesus into the world, with a bunch of animals as his roommates (some scholars claim it was almost as bad as living with students).


Here is a new video from Dia Woolridge, Spoken Truth and Bible Society.

You can get a free copy of this video to use in your church services this Christmas at Spoken Truth

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