Sporting Marvels Bible Appeal - Can you help make a difference?

Every year we back the Sporting Marvels Bible Appeal.  Giving away an age relevant Bible to each youngster going through their programme.

This year 600 Bibles are being purchased, and the great news is The Message Trust is helping us get their age relevant Bible into the hands our the Kids in the Rhondda, at a huge discount.

The even better news is the whole project needs £1,322 to get to it's goal.  God has been really laying on the hearts of our supporters the needs of these children.  I remember three years ago we needed to raise over seven thousand pounds at this point.

So if you would like to help them get to their goal of putting a Bible into the centre of hundreds of homes in the Rhondda, just Click Here.

Thanks to so many of you that have given over the years.  More than 5,000 children have been given a Bible over the last few years.

Every Blessing

Carl Brettle

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 July 2018 08:50