"From here to Nativity" - The Christmas Story is back!

'Christmas - The Story' is up and running for the EIGHT year - and it's fantastic!  The schools are booking more heavily than ever  including a school from outside the area.  The children absolutely love this school trip - if you are in town on a weekday morning, pop in and join a school's audience. It's a real delight to watching the children watching The Story.
‘Christmas – The Story’ is delighted that another town in south Wales has joined the project. Bridgend is the sixth town to join the voluntary community arts project, which re-tells the Nativity to school children and members of the public free of charge each December.

Statistics show that the Nativity story is being forgotten and is quickly disappearing from our Christmas celebrations. ‘Christmas – The Story’ aims to change this by making the Nativity accessible to everybody. Bridgend ‘Christmas – The Story’ will be held at the Tabernacl Chapel on Derwen Road between the 9th and the 16th of December (except Sunday). It is being led by the Reverend Robin Samuel.

The project, which was successfully launched in Cardiff in 2010, has since been rolled out in Aberdare, Carmarthen, Port Talbot and Barry. Last year, it was shortlisted for an EPIC award.
A huge thanks is owed to all the many volunteers who step out of their pews and put on a costume or a stewards' jacket to make this happen. It is a wonderful and joyous event, very much appreciated by our city - the gift of the churches of Cardiff to the people of Cardiff - given freely every year without strings.

Those who organise the event hope and pray that those who take part in the events enjoy giving the gift as much as the audiences enjoy receiving it. But especial thanks go to the team who work all year round to make this happen - and then work their socks off throughout December keeping the show on the road. They are fabulous.

Where is Christmas the story this year?

This December, you’ll be able to see ‘Christmas – The Story’ in:
– Aberdare
– Barry
– Bridgend (NEW!)
– Carmarthen
– Cardiff

For more detials visit their webite - The Story

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