Open Hands, Open Heart a story of Generosity

Rev Ifor Williams and his wife Penny, had been minister at Broad Haven for 21 years left for a pioneer ministry in Breconshire seven years ago. One of the main emphasis during his time at the coastal chapel was on generous giving which has led to him writing a book called ‘Open Hands Open Heart’.

It follows the story of God’s generosity as seen in the Bible, interwoven with the couple’s experience in Broad Haven, where they saw God working in peoples’ hearts and providing in wonderful ways.

‘Open Hands Open Heart’ is published by Generous Heart and will be available in book form or as an ebook through Amazon and Christian bookshops.

Open Hands Open Heart traces a journey of discovery, following two interwoven stories. One is the story of God’s abundant, generous grace, from Genesis to Revelation, and how God teaches his people to express their love through giving. The other is the story of a young pastor, his family and church, as step by step they discover God’s amazing generosity, and learn to let go and give to others, as God gives to us. Read, be blessed, and learn to bless others.

The book is available on Amazon 

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