Cardiff 'Story' events week - Student sharing some good news!

Yet again the Cardiff annual city-wide mission looms large on the horizon! This year the theme is 'Story' again and will run from13–17 November.

Each of the five university Christian Unions have been working hard, planning events for the week to best engage their fellow students. In particular the planning team have been thinking about freedom, satisfaction and purpose. The wonderful thing about the Story theme is that it allows students to not just answer questions, but to give non-believers the chance to hear about the greatest story ever told; that of Jesus Christ! As per previous years we will also host evening events in Highfields Church where all of the CUs will come together, with their non-Christian friends to hear a story on one of these themes. Our main speakers this year (pastors Dave Gobbett and Steve Ball) will be sharing stories of others who have encountered Jesus in the Bible, in order to show students how He changes lives!

We encourage the students to engage with this events week because it is the perfect opportunity for them to come together to really give every student in Cardiff the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus. Please do be praying that we would see real fruit from this!

Written by Owen Brown - UCCF



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