Books for Life

A great new website has been created by the founder of “Safe for Families” Krish Kandiah. It is called “Books for Life”

Why Books for Life ?

Krish says “I remember the day I bought my first Bible. I had become a Christian through a friend explaining his faith to me among the Bunsen burners in our school chemistry lab. I saved up my earnings from my Saturday job and looked up my local Christian bookshop. The elderly owner was a bibliophile and I was a brand-new Christian hungry for anything that would help me grow in my faith, so my visits became a weekly event. I'd finish my shift, collect my pay cheque, and go and spend it all on Christian literature. The shop owner introduced me to AW Tozer, John Stott, Matthew Henry, Bilquis Sheihk, Marin Luther, Derek Kidner, John Calvin, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Bruce Milne and many more mentors and heroes. I am grateful for a wise old Christian's passion for books and I wonder where I would be in my faith without his guidance and encouragement.”

Krish is passionate about books, because he is passionate about God.

In our fast-changing culture it is important that Christians understand their faith deeply, love God faithfully and serve Christ wisely. With the average person watching 5000 media messages a day we could benefit from more than a once-a-week sermon to help us know our faith. We are yet to find a significant Christian leader for whom a steady diet of Christian books hasn't played an important part in their journey of faith. So if you are serious about your faith reading is an investment worth making. Each month we will feature an interview with a Christian leader who will explore the books that have shaped their lives. We will also give you the cream of the crop of the latest Christian books that will help you grow to be the person God intends you to be.

Why not check out “Books for life”


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