Street Pastors works continues - looking for new recruits in Cardiff

The Amazing work of Street Pastors continues across Wales and Cardiff Street Pastors are currently recruiting for new street pastors and night base team members. 
The work of Cardiff Street Pastors continues to go well and every Friday & Saturday night we have teams out in Cardiff City Centre that are able to help many vulnerable people. Here are some statistics taken from our reports for the last 3 months which is a summary of our actions whilst on patrol and do not contain all we do during our night:
·       We assisted in 393 incidents, the majority of these incidents involved assisting a drunken person in some way and staying with them until they were joined by or collected by friends or family, or were accompanied to their place of residence thereby preventing them from being arrested, injured or subjected to crime.  Others we helped to get a taxi or involved us subsequently handing over the care of the drunken person to the Ambulance Service or Alcohol Treatment Centre again preventing them from being arrested, injured or subjected to crime.

·       A further 44 incidents involved us assisting a homeless person with either water, chocolate or general advice.
·       A further 73 incidents required us giving visitors to the city centre directions and supplying them with water and flip flops etc.
·       We picked up a total of 1330 empty bottles and glasses which resulted in them being removed from the street and the possibility of them being used as weapons.
·       We gave out 384 bottles of water and 230 pairs of flip flops
·       We witnessed 298 people urinating in the street as there are no public toilets open late at night in the city centre.

If you would like to consider being involved in this ministry you need to be
Over 18 years of age
A committed Christian
Have been a member of a church for at least 1 year
Can give a minimum of 1 Friday or Saturday night per month
Willing to attend 12 comprehensive training sessions

If anyone is interested in joining either teams please ask them to contact Jackie Bradshaw, Street Pastor Coordinator, Tel: 02920 512247; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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