Foodbank Cardiff

What is foodbank?

Cardiff Foodbank was officially brought into being in April 2009 as a franchise of the Trussell Trust, and is part of the National Foodbank Network. It is a project to help and support those suffering financial hardship and who are facing the reality of being unable to feed themselves or their families. In 2011-2012 3792 people were fed in Cardiff.

Nationwide the Network helped over 128,000 people UK wide in 2011-2012 (up from 61,468 in 2010-2011).

Nearly 50% (1,827) of those fed in Cardiff are as a result of benefit cuts and delays. Over 20% (865) received food due to low income. 

How it works

Food is donated by individuals, schools, businesses and churches and is sorted and stored for future use in the Warehouse in Ely.

Front line professional care workers such as health visitors, charities, church pastoral workers social services, etc issue clients vouchers.

Clients can exchange vouchers for 3 days of nutritionally balanced emergency food.

Clients collect food from our distribution centres across the City where they find a safe place to chat over a hot drink and snack and receive signposting to a range of support services.

A Christian Initiative enabling the whole community to fight hidden hunger in Cardiff, where upwards of 50,000 are deemed 'deprived' and in some areas 78.5% of children live in benefit reliant families.

There are currently four Foodbanks in Ely, Cathays, Llanedeyrn and City Centre.


For full details of how to access the services of the foodbank and when the various centres are open visit the website