Freed to Lead Retreat - from the Freedom In Christ Team

Monday, 28. January 2019 until Wednesday, 30. January 2019 00:00 - 00:00

Freed to Lead Retreat
Mon 28 - Wed 30 Jan 2019

Hebron Hall, Vale of Glamorgan

This retreat from Freedom in Christ Ministries will help you understand identity-based leadership while learning to overcome common barriers to effective leadership.

Christian leaders have a huge advantage over others because they have become new creations in Christ. You know that already, of course, but in this retreat you will be surprised as you are helped to take the truths of this new identity much deeper so that you can learn to lead as the new person in Christ that you are.

Identity-based leadership helps to free us from drivenness and burnout, enables us to survive personal attacks and use conflict positively and enables us to overcome other barriers to effective leadership.

The content has been put together by Rev Dr. Rod Woods, senior pastor at City Temple, London, and a Trustee of Freedom In Christ Ministries. Rod speaks from personal experience of leadership in 3 churches on both sides of the Atlantic and has experienced practically how identity-based leadership enabled him not only to survive prolonged conflict but turn it around completely to growth.

Speakers: Rod Woods and Rob Davies

Download our leaflet for this event - and let us know if you would like hard copies to distribute to others.


Freed to Lead Retreat - from the Freedom In Christ Team
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2019-01-28, 00:00
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