New Wine Leaders Network Day - South East

Tuesday, 20. March 2018 - 10:00 until 13:00

Organised by New Wine Cymru
This event is open to all leaders and their leadership teams.
Lunch is provided by donation of £5 to confirm your attendance

We will be following a leadership curriculum during our five regional days together. Bill Hybels has produced  ”From Here to There”, an excellent leadership tool that covers five essential leadership skills. The course includes a video from Bill, discussion workbook, personal leadership style analysis & targeted learning outcomes.

I'm excited to think that as we do this together as leaders across the nation we really will have the opportunity to simultaneously raise our game for the sake of the church and this nation. 

The course will take place in the first part of the leadership day, then after the break we will have worship and ministry from one of our New Wine Cymru team as usual.  Please think about who else from your team you can bring to this course and order your workbook at the New Wine Cymru office by January 12th to make sure you got everything you need in time to start the course.


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Glenwood Church Centre, Circle Way West, Cardiff CF23 6UW

New Wine Leaders Network Day - South East
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