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My Story - Will - A Prodigal Returns

Will was brought up in Christian family with the Bible at the foundation of his life but as a teenager those foundations seemed to crumble and drugs and a totally different life style took centre stage but could the prodigal return?


Published on June 2018



My Story - Declan - A Life Transformed

Declan was brought up by nuns in an orphanage in Northern Ireland at the heart of the troubles. His life could have turned in many directions but as we see in this video his life as a orphan was to dramatically change as he discovered a Father.


Published on Apr 2018



Evangelical Alliance Wales - Public Policy Officer (Part-time)

Are you passionate about giving the Christian community a voice? Now more than ever Christians must speak into the wide range of issues being faced in public life, politics and the press.

We are seeking an experienced public policy officer to take the lead in implementing our advocacy strategy in Wales.

Your role will be varied and exciting – from monitoring the activities of the National Assembly for Wales and related political structures, analysing public policy and legislation from a Christian perspective, to representing evangelical views to policy-makers and the media, to equipping Alliance members to engage in society as active citizens.

Closing date: Monday 25 June

For the application pack and form, please visit the Evangelical Alliance website.

Team Administrator - LICC

Contract: Full-time, One year fixed term contract

Please not the job is in LONDON

Salary: £21,000 - £23,000 p.a.

We’re a dynamic, people-oriented team that likes to make things happen and we’re looking for someone who will thrive at our operational centre. A warm, highly organised team-player will flourish in this role, someone gifted in administration and in hospitality.

You’ll need to be able to act on priorities and manage time and tasks well. Excellent attention to detail, numerical competence and a care for excellence are essential qualities. You’ll appreciate the value of good data systems and be competent at data entry to a high level of accuracy. Cheerfulness and a joy in problem solving will serve the post-holder well.

Closing date for applications: 26 June 2018

For the job description and details on how to apply visit the LICC website.


Nicholaston House Gower, Swansea Part time chef/cook

Nicholaston House is looking for a part time chef/cook. 20 hours/week. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team Lead Pastor Bethel Baptist Church, Pontyclun

Bethel Baptist Church are looking to appoint a Team Lead Pastor as their current pastor retires in July.
Someone who is able to challenge, inspire and mentor the church and leaders to reach and disciple the next generation for Jesus. 

As a leadership and as a church they are passionate about their call to Love God and Love Others.

Bethel is a very active community-based and family-orientated church 

details & to apply

person specifications


"Al Massira" - The Journey Chief Operating Officer

Al Massira Chief Operating Officer - job description

Al Massira is ready to consider candidates who are self-supporting, partially-supporting or those who

would require a modest salary. Any approved expenses relating to this role will be covered by Al



Al Massira (The Journey) trains people to present the story of the Bible in thirteen DVD sessions,

journeying chronologically through the scriptures to present eternal truths in an eastern,

community-oriented style, familiar to those from an Arab or Muslim culture. Promoting free and

open discussion, the narrative anticipates and addresses the most common issues such as the Trinity

and divinity of Christ. As participants are led to an understanding of the person and work of the

Messiah in the gospels, Christ becomes the answer to important questions that have been

awakened in their hearts and leads them into deeper discipleship.

Al Massira International promotes AM and supports regional teams, based around the world, who

are all involved in translation, training and follow up. The team has an office in Llanelli, SW Wales

with some members based in the area and some working with the team remotely.

Job Title Chief Operating officer

Accountable to AM Director

Type of Contract Part Time (3-4 days per week)

Location of work The Al Massira Office is located in Llanelli, S Wales – this role would

require attendance in the office for a minimum of 2 days per week.

Job Summary

The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the overall operational development of Al Massira

Trust with specific oversight of the office, Human Resources, IT and database management, the

financial operations of Al Massira, and the provision of leadership and oversight for on going

projects. He or she will work alongside the AM Director to evaluate and develop a robust on going

operational model and structure for Al Massira as it continues to expand and increase in complexity.

The Chief Operating Officer will use his or her strategic thinking and problem solving abilities to

ensure that ministries are run in line with the overall vision.


Family and Community Worker - Lliswerry Baptist Newport

Lliswerry Baptist Church Newport are looking to appoint a half-time Family and Community Worker to support and develop outreach with a particular focus on younger families.

  • Purpose of the position:

    To support and develop outreach at Lliswerry Baptist Church with a particular focus on younger families.

    Responsible to:

    God’s leading with guidance from the minister and deacons.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Supporting the development and implementation of church mission.
    • Encourage, participate in and support the church community in offering welcome, hospitality and building relationships.
    • To help to develop gifts in others to look to build up a team in this area.

    Key tasks:

    • Develop new activities as required in our mission to younger families and individuals
    • Work with our Minister to maintain and develop links with schools.
    • Work alongside and support volunteers from our existing groups to help develop those activities.
    • To look to engage with the asylum seekers in the community.
    • Raise the profile of the church in the local community.


    The church will look to provide –

    • Expenses (Travel mileage)
    • Training opportunities
    • The church currently owns a flat which could be offered for accommodation.


    • Part time (15-20 hours)
    • Subject to references/DBS

    Further details can be found at



Part time role at CMS initially 7-10 hours per week

C Management Services is a company set up 5 years ago to provide support to the charity sector, with a particular interest in churches and Christian based organisations. It has been growing steadily over that time as new clients have requested support, usually hearing about us through an existing client. Our mission is "helping charities to overcome the obstacles to fulfilling their vision".

We are looking for a person that will primarily, to start, be involved in bookkeeping, processing the transactions in the accounting software and reconciling with the bank account, run several small payrolls and prepare gift aid claims. We need someone with some experience who can hit the ground running. We have a strong interest in developing people - their interests and skills - so are looking for someone who wants to learn and increase their knowledge and develop new skills. Ideally, you will have some skills in social media and would be able to use these to increase the company's profile to increase our client base.

Skills required are:


Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office

Good interpersonal skills

Time management skills and able to manage own diary and appointments

Previous experience of working with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Sage

Experience of running small payrolls

Willing to work flexibly

Driver with access to own vehicle


Knowledge of charity sector

Wants to learn new skills

Good knowledge of using social media effectively


At the start, we are looking for someone to work up to 7-10 hours per week, though this will grow with contracts due to start over the next few months. This can be worked flexibly, with some time working at clients offices and some home-based. The plan is for the business to continue to grow as demand continues to increase - which it is doing rapidly at the moment!


If you are interested, or know someone that is, or want further information, please contact Paul on 07767 386040 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To apply to work for us, please send a cv and a letter detailing your experience, why you believe that you are right person for the role and what extra you will bring to help the company's growth. For more detail about the company, please visit our website at

Gobaith Dewi Sant

Os ydych chi ar y dudalen hon oherwydd i chi dderbyn cylchgrawn ‘Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus’ – Croeso. Os ddaethoch chi yma drwy ffordd arall mae’n braf i’ch croesawu hefyd. Bwriad y dudalen yw rhoi mwy o wybodaeth i chi am Iesu a’r ffydd Gristnogol. Dyma daith ffydd y bu Dewi Sant ei hun arni yn ystod ei fywyd mewn ffordd wahanol iawn dros 1400 mlynedd yn ôl!

Cristnogaeth – ffydd sy’n tyfu

Efallai ei bod hi’n anodd i gredu ond ar draws y byd mae’r ffydd Gristnogol yn fwy byw nag y bu erioed. Er nad yw hynna’n edrych yn debygol o edrych ar Gymru, ond mae enghreifftiau hyd yn oed yn ein gwlad ni bod newyddion da Iesu Grist yn newid bywydau er gwell.

​Fel y dywedodd y cyn-chwaraewr rygbi, Emyr Lewis:

“Fe es i eglwys fy ffrind. Safodd rhywun i fyny a dechrau rhannu ei stori ac roedd fwy neu lai’n union fel fy stori i! Ar ôl mynychu’r eglwys am gyfnod dechreuais fod yn fwy agored i arwyddion oddi wrth Dduw. Darllenais lyfr a heriodd fi fel dyn, ac fel gŵr a thad, a sylweddolais bod rhaid i fi newid. Dechreuodd pethau ddod yn gliriach wrth i fi wrando ar beth oedd gan y Beibl i’w ddweud. 

Wrth i fi dderbyn Iesu i mewn i’m bywyd, teimlai fel bod baich enfawr wedi syrthio oddi ar fy ysgwyddau. Mae gennyf heddwch mewnol yn fy mywyd nawr. Wrth i fi edrych yn ôl dros fy mywyd, doedd hynny ddim gen i pan oeddwn i’n chwarae rygbi. ’Dyw hi ddim yn hawdd bod yn Gristion, yn enwedig wrth weithio yn y cyfryngau. I fi, dim ond un ffordd sydd i fyw sef dilyn Iesu Grist. Ym myd rygbi, mae gan bobl arwyr a byddwn yn trio dilyn eu hesiampl; bu farw Iesu Grist ar y groes – ef yw’r gwir arwr sydd wedi curo marwolaeth ac fe fydd yn goroesi popeth.” 

Nid yw stori Emyr yn unigryw a gallwch wylio mwy o storïau pobl sydd wedi eu newid gan bŵer anhygoel Iesu ar dudalen My Stories

“Iesu yn ein bywydau”


Beth mae Emyr yn ei olygu pan ddywed ei fod wedi “derbyn” Iesu i mewn i’w fywyd? Sut gall rywun wahodd rhywun a fu’n byw 2000 o flynyddoedd yn ôl i’n bywyd ni yn yr 21ain ganrif yng Nghymru?

Wel, mae’r Beibl yn rhoi help pwysig i ni ar y daith hon.

Mae’r Beibl yn ei hanfod yn rhoi neges o obaith oddi wrth Dduw, sy’n yn ein caru ac sydd â chynllun i’n bywydau.

Mae’r Nadolig yn sôn am Dduw yn dod i’r byd y mae wedi ei greu ac yn ein hatgoffa am enedigaeth Iesu, Mab Duw. Ond dim ond un rhan o’r stori yw hon. Mae bywyd Iesu, beth ddywedodd a’r gwyrthiau rhyfeddol a wnaeth yn arwain Iesu at drobwynt a fyddai’n newid hanes am byth.

Mae’r Pasg yn ein hatgoffa am groesholi Iesu Grist (ei farwolaeth ar y Groes) a’i atgyfodiad (dod yn ôl yn fyw) a thrwy wneud hyn fod Iesu wedi agor ffordd i ni gael perthynas â Duw.

Perthynas yn fwy na chrefydd

Calon Cristnogaeth yw perthynas - yn fwy na chrefydd, set o reolau a defodau. Perthynas â Duw'r Tad sy'n ein caru, drwy Duw y Mab, Iesu, a fu farw ac a gododd o'r bedd er ein mwyn, a thrwy Duw yr Ysbryd Glân sy'n ein harwain wrth i ni ei wahodd i ddod "a byw ynom ni".

Disgrifiodd Emyr Lewis y peth yn syml trwy ddweud: “Wrth i fi dderbyn Iesu i mewn i’m bywyd, teimlai fel bod baich enfawr wedi syrthio oddi ar fy ysgwyddau. Mae gennyf heddwch mewnol yn fy mywyd nawr.”

Mae’n rodd y gallwn ond ei brofi wrth ei dderbyn.

​Am fwy o wybodaeth am y ffydd Gristnogol gallwch ymweld â gwefannau fel

Camau y gallwch eu cymryd

Isod mae tri cham pwysig i'w cymryd i ddod yn Gristion:

Cyfaddef - Mae angen i chi gyfaddef eich bod wedi gwneud camgymeriadau - mae'r Beibl yn eu galw nhw'n bechodau a chyfaddef eich bod angen Duw i newid eich bywyd. Mae'r Beibl yn galw'r cam hwn yn edifarhau - sy'n golygu troi o fynd eich ffordd eich hun i fynd ar hyd ffordd Duw.

Credu eich bod drwy Iesu, ei farwolaeth a'i atgyfodiad, yn cael derbyn rhodd Duw o berthynas newydd ag Ef.

Ymrwymo! (Commit!) Rydych yn gwneud penderfyniad i fynd ar hyd llwybr Duw o hyn ymlaen. Dyw hynny ddim yn meddwl na fyddwch chi'n gwneud camgymeriadau o hyd - rydyn ni i gyd yn gwneud hynny - ond byddwch yn gofyn i Dduw fod wrth y llyw (steering wheel) a gyda help yr Ysbryd Glân i fyw bywyd mae Duw wedi ei fwriadu i chi ei fyw.

Gweddi y gallwch chi ei weddïo

Isod mae gweddi y gallwch chi ei weddïo. Mae gweddïo’r weddi hon ar ei phen ei hun ddim yn eich gwneud yn Gristion ond os gweddïwch a wirioneddol gredu beth a ddywedwch wrth Dduw, mae Duw wedi addo y bydd yn ateb.

"To all who received him, to those who believed in his name he gave the right to become the children of God" (John 1:12)

Os ydych yn barod i dderbyn y rhodd o fywyd y mae Iesu yn ei gynnig, pam na weddïwch y weddi hon nawr. 

Annwyl Dduw

Rwy’n cyfaddef fy mod yn bechadur ac angen dy faddeuant; rwy’n credu y bu farw Iesu Grist yn fy lle a thalu’r ddyled am fy mhechodau; rwy’n dewis troi i ffwrdd o’m pechodau a derbyn Iesu Grist fel Gwaredwr personol a’m Harglwydd. Rwy’n rhoi fy hun i ti ac yn gofyn i ti anfon yr Ysbryd Glân i’m bywyd, i’m llenwi a chymryd y llyw, a’m helpu i fod y person rwyt ti eisiau i fi fod.

Diolch Dad am fy ngharu.

Yn enw Iesu. Amen.

Os wnaethoch chi weddïo hyn am y tro cyntaf a’i gredu beth am gysylltu â ni nawr drwy ebostio This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Dim ond dechrau’r daith yw gweddïo’r weddi a byddem yn hoffi eich rhoi mewn cysylltiad ag eglwys a fyddai’n gallu eich helpu i symud ymlaen yn eich perthynas â Duw, felly cysylltwch â ni fel y gallwn eich helpu a rhown lyfr am ddim i chi fydd yn cynnwys mwy o wybodaeth am beth mae’n ei olygu i fod yn Gristion.  

Gallwch hefyd gysylltu â ni i gael mwy o wybodaeth am gyrsiau gwych fel Alffa a Darganfod Cristnogaeth. Mae’r cyrsiau wedi eu creu i chi ymuno ag eraill sydd eisiau gwybod mwy am Iesu ond sydd â chwestiynau ac sydd ar daith o ddarganfod.


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