MTL - More to Life - Supporting young people to set up Christian Unions

Will Souter, a Missional Community Co-Leader at Glenwood Church and trained school teacher, would love to have help with a new project called More to Life

More to Life is all about getting teenagers to ask whether there is more to school life than simply getting trained for the world of paid work – vital though this is. The MTL project seeks to create or strengthen lunchtime Christian Unions in every Cardiff Secondary School. 

This will be a great means of preparing the way for inviting missional teams/bands into these schools as part of the Message Wales Higher Mission in November 2018. It would also be a great way of encouraging teenagers who become Christians as part of the Higher Mission. Where better to be able to keep pressing on in their new faith in Jesus but in their own schools?

Will Souter would love to hear from secondary school teachers and also from leadership-orientated youth who could be persuaded to co-ordinate a CU if there is not already one at their school. The most effective model for a school CU is having a group that is led BY young people FOR young people. So it would be a case of teachers offering their rooms and some friendly advice to create lunchtime meetings organised and led by a team of enthusiastic young people, making use of high quality internet resources.

Interested teachers, young people and parents should e-mail Will at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.