Born to Fly - Counselling services

Would you like to have someone to talk to about issues in your life such as Depression or Anxiety, Loss or bereavement, relationship difficulties or the feeling of being stuck in life and not knowing which way to turn?

Or are you a Christian Leader who feels the need to meet with God for rest and refreshment, or would it be beneficial for your church or business leadership team to experience this?

Born to Fly is a newly formed inner healing ministry which uses a Holy Spirit led approach to get to the root of difficulties, to enable people to encounter God and to experience the freedom that this brings.

Born To Fly was formed by Rev Teresa Madden who is part of a team of ministers at City Church, Cardiff and is a counsellor trained to level 3.  She has been in pastoral ministry since 1993 and has been an ordained minister for 11 years. In recent years Teresa has worked through her own emotional trauma and now helps other people walk out of abuse and trauma to freedom.  She also has a passion to see people who are `spiritually seeking` find the answers they seek and a heart to see leaders and churches strengthened and growing.  Her vision is to see the Bride of Christ made ready for His return and to see people becoming everything they have been called to be, because we were Born to Fly…not to flap!

For more information telephone 07909963734