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We've got something of a specialism building in supporting churches out of Your Business Hub.

In short, our experience of churches is that often (unless there is a particular skill/experience within the membership which many small churches don't have) that stuff either just doesn't happen (e.g. H&S or policies), or that it's outsourced quite expensively (annual accounts), or that it's not done particularly well with someone with a good heart to serve but without the understanding/experience to do it well (bookkeeping/trustees).

So - to guide our range, some of which is in-house with specialists, and some uses freelance experts but at bulk purchased prices so it's accessible for smaller churches; some popular bits seem to be, which is what would be great to see if we can pass on to in some way via the Net Cardiff about:

  • We offer a free 90 minutes off 'ask-us-about-anything' where they can do just that. No strings, no need to work with us on anything after it, and anyone can use it whether new or old. Frankly, everyone has something outstanding which needs doing or advice about.
  • Setting up the charity/CIO in the first-place - this can be expanded to include registering with HMRC for payroll/pensions, giftaid etc. We can guide through this in person or virtually step by step, or do it on their behalf, for new plants, or for churches wanting to switch to CIOs
  • Putting in place a good governance/admin structure - understanding trusteeship in a church context, and putting a good team and communications in place. We work with the relevant people to structure this cleanly, and can guide/advise the trustees on appropriate role and putting required policies in place for however long they need, up to and including joining trustee meetings as an observer/adviser either in person or by skype/conference call.
  • Ongoing communication to members/body (and externally) - so vital for a healthy church but often very poorly done. We can facilitate this ongoingly to remind/send out regular updates in all sorts of methods both for internal and external.
  • Bookkeeping/Handing Finances or Accounts - often there is investment in expensive software and either someone inexperienced doing it, or without any wider support. We can either take all of this on - just put everything in our freepost envelopes and post it, or supporting someone on the ground virtually.
  • Buildings tlc - endless utilities, insurance, photocopier, rental, supplies, maintenance, servicing needs - we can link into bulk discounts for each of these elements, or manage/remind of need to renew etc.
  • Often people just need some help or hand-holding through it, or to just outsource it and know it's covered well so they can concentrate of relationships/building a strong body...

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