Centre Director - Kenya - International Teams

Centre Director needed for:

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre, Molo, Kenya

Long term (2 years +)

Position would suit one person or a couple and is self-supporting.

Job function:
- Oversee and direct all the operational procedures of the Centre.
- Implement the strategic goals, aims and objectives of the Centre, giving direction and leadership toward the achievement of the Centre's vision, mission, strategy, goals, aims and objectives.
- Provide an effective financial management service to the Centre.
- With the chair, enable the Board to fulfil its governance function. 

  • Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre, Molo, Kenya brings a holistic approach to impact children and young people lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Most of the children, who come from different backgrounds, have extensive disabilities and have suffered neglect and abandonment, and they have become outcasts, unwanted, stigmatized, malnourished and abused.
  • They need a safe place, a welcome environment, parental care to the orphans, mentoring and emotional support and access to education, medication, and access to a professionally trained physiotherapist and other hospital medical care.
  • They need to know the love and care of Jesus through the staff who work, play and pray with them as they live with them every day.

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