Church Focus

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Explore the Christian Faith

To be honest with you the best way to find out about church...

access_time 11:17AM 11 March 2016

Word of Hope

Why Christmas? Is it possible that the real meaning of Christmas has become so wrapped up in the...

access_time 11:51AM 11 March 2016

Family Focus

"As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole...

access_time 01:41PM 11 March 2016

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Support Organisations

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The Storehouse Project

The Storehouse Project – a project of Cardiff vineyard. The Storehouse Project is part...

access_time 10:33AM 11 March 2016

Rainbow of Hope

What is rainbow of hope? We work with the homeless, disadvantaged and asylum seekers. We...

access_time 10:09AM 11 March 2016

Living Room

Living Room Cardiff’s peer support is the process of giving and receiving non-professional, non-clinical assistance to achieve long-term recovery from...

access_time 10:44AM 11 March 2016

Cap Centres Cardiff

If you are feeling weighed down by debt, then CAP can help. You...

access_time 09:48AM 11 March 2016

More Support Organisations

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